The Jain Center of St. Louis is very proud to have the Gyan Bhandar. The Jain
Temple Gyan Bhandar has books, audio cassettes and video cassettes related to our
culture Jainism. There are total of over 100 books available in Hindi, Gujarati, and
English languages. Every member of our Jain society is encouraged to make use of
the material available.
Gyan Bhandar
Executive Committee
Youth Pathshala
Temple Gallery
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Check-in and Check-out Procedure:
It is self check in and check out. You need to fill out the form. When you return the
material, you need to write the return date on the form.
Gyan Bhandar Hours: Same as Temple Hours
Weekdays (Monday-Friday)
9am to 12pm and 5pm to 8pm

Weekends & Holidays (Saturday and Sunday)
9am to 8pm
Name of Our Volunteer:
 Bharat Shah